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There was a time when there were empty spaces on maps, places undiscovered. The journey to explore those places was full of danger and adventure. Information, if existed, was often unattainable. Today, even having full maps and technology opening doors to the world daily so that we can observe it from our home, for some we continue to seduced by  uncertain adventure and the reward of discovery.

I have spent half of my life traveling the world, I started at the age of 16, and that which began as a thought, “for the moment until I settle down” now I am certain that I will continue until my last breath.  Because, you can also settle down when you are on the move. If I could leave behind just one thing in this world, I would like it to be the power to look at the world through my eyes. And that is how this blog was born, it may only last a year and it is existence may end with that passing of time to regrow – just as flowers do.

I do not pretend to be as pure as nature itself, but rather learn from it. To emphasize that which normally goes unnoticed.  I do not pretend to know everything about any particular topic, but rather open discussion and expand the horizons of our minds. To break the prejudices of some places.

I am especially interested in different cultures and not so much in political divisions of countries, I list the names of some places/locations only to facilitate/help them be found by searching/by a search, but not as back and white lines of a map that I want to describe, but rather the people that live there (without drawing lines around them).


Sometimes when we are going on and returning from our vacations, we forget what visiting a new culture is really about – opening our minds and adapting to our surroundings. To learn.

Journeys and encounters are key to escape living in a stereotypical reality.  Sometimes we choose to remain in the former and forget about the latter. With each encounter we do not only share our stories and histories, but we discover that which we did not know about ourselves and our own history.

This way, exploration is nothing more than a physical expression of a deep intellectual curiosity.  And as my mother knows I could not live if I had to stay “home.”

Certainly not all of theses words and phrases, nor those that you find in a post, are all mine – because the best words about your life come from the voices of others. I usually do not remember very well who said them, but they come to me after I have had the opportunity to experience them… and then I simply have the honor of recapturing them.


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