#2 Relaxed Vacation In Montero Bay and Negril

Take advantage of the fact that on this island it only takes you 15 minutes from the international airport is one of the most tropical beaches. Welcome to one of the most comfortable vacations you will ever take. If you are the type of person who does not want to waste time, but are looking for quiet and natural places – then this is your place! I have never seen a city beach as beautiful and the lesser known public beach in Montego Bay and the seemingly endless beach Negril. 

You will hear people talk about the famous Doctor’s Cave in Montego Bay (aka Mobay), and that is where everyone goes, including large groups of retirees, cruise passengers and LonelyPlanet tourists. There is the small private beach where they charge you $8 USD to enter and have access to a crowded beach only one kilometer long. 

Let’s leave all of them there and escape this tourist trap by simple following the ocean by walking down to the left and in only 10 minutes you will reach a free public park. The water is as transparent and calm as a pool and the beach has some natural trees for shade. The sand is as powder white as baking flour and the mountains in the background make the scenic view seem like a postcard. Finding quiet beaches like this one with fewer people or even empty public beaches near those that you find in tourist guidebooks is common in Jamaica. 

If you are looking for seemingly endless beach where you can go for a walk, ser nightlife, enjoy a culinary variety, then move yourself over to Negril. It’s 7 mile (11 km) beach that is full of romantic palm trees. At just about an hour and a half from Mobay, this beach is no secret but it is still one of my favorites. On one end it is full of resorts but on the other end the beaches is natural, more local and includes a street of colorful homes. I wanted to stay just 2 nights but every morning when checkout time arrived my friend and I looked at each other and we said, “should we stay just one more night?”

One of the things that kept us in that paradise was our discovery of a turquoise colored table that was only about 5 meter from the water, sat just below the shade of a palm tree and behind it was one of the best restaurants in the area. There we would sit for hours and watch the sunrise and sunsets while we enjoyed delicious food including fusions of flavors from around the world, seafood, chicken, rice, one other common dishes in the island. I am always a fan of fresh fruits and vegetables and anything from the sea, so I was in food paradise.  

El ackee with salt fish is the most traditional dish. However I was able to enjoy the secret of enjoying the vegan restaurant and turquoise neighboring restaurant’s coconut curry fish that was out of this world. The other typical dish was the fish with jerk sauce (a spicy combination of different spices) which I loved to accompany with fried plantains or bammy (flatbread). 


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