#3 The most natural side of Jamaica

One side of Jamaica is incredibly natural and untamed, and it is that area which you encounter farther from Montego Bay and closer to Kingston (an area which people say is dangerous). For example, Port Antonio is fairly developed but it does not appear that way because it is surrounded by untamed jungle-like vegetation at the foot of the Blue Mountains, waterfalls and tons of small coves with transparent water. 

I always suggest a backpacking trip, or as I like to say, a more natural, untamed and low-cost trip. The motive behind these types of trips is that it works as medicine for the soul because it allows you to become aware if the excess in your life and you realize what are the true luxuries in life. 

Something so simple as submitting yourself to what I call a fast from unnecessary things. It completely changes your perspective on life and you become more grateful.  If this is something that interests you, keep reading. 

Anyone can take this kind of trip, because the common excuse that “I don’t have money to travel” no longer applies. Everyone can and should travel, and should dedicate at least a month for an austere (low-cost) trip to a less developed country. 

Why do it? Because we all want to make the most of life, get to know a better version of ourselves and take advantage of every moment in our life – just like someone who squeezes an orange to get every drop of juice. We want to be aware of the ways we can simply have more power over our lives. 

At first you will think you are wasting time on a low-cost trip when you could spend money to feel like you are living like a king – but then you will realize that you gain a new quality of life that will last the rest of the year. 

Basically, set aside the brand hotels, chain restaurants and private transportation for a few days and choose to stay with locals by offering to pay them to stay in their house or on a sofa, eat with them and offer them $10 to $15 for the food, and travel with them in their local shared vans and taxis. These are ways to help locals – by making sure money gets directly in their hands. And most importantly, speak with them – and speak with them often – ask them questions and share things about your own country. One day this may be your favorite thing about traveling. 

Learn to enjoy and appreciate the small things in life!


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