Feeling good physically is the key to enjoying an experience, take special care of your body when you are out of your comfort zone. 

There are often cases where people who are not accustomed to traveling become sick right before or during a trip. This is not a coincidence or bad luck but rather your body is feeling an endless array of new things and it is not easy for it to handle. 

Hydration is a key point to focus on. It is essential in order to adapt to the changes in climate and timezones, and it may seem silly but it is almost the most important thing while traveling. 

Keeping yourself hydrated also cleans your system of possible new baterias, helps stop infections, and improves all bodily functions. 

Sometimes we feel like we are hungry but in reality we are thirsty. We need much more water than we consume, and for that reason our body feels a need to get it from food. 

Personally when I am traveling, I avoid coffee and alcohol since they are both strong things that dehydrate you and things that you don’t need if you are really on vacation to take a rest from ordinary life and if we want to feel rested in our bodies. 

Now we have reached the problem we always have, “before curing someone you must ask if they are willing to avoid the things that make them sick.” Some people can’t imagine a vacation without these things. 

If you are going to consume things like coffee and alcohol,  are sure that you double that with the amount of water you drink. When you travel dehydration is worsened, especial in an airplane. The air in the cabin is especially dry (with only 10% humidity in comparison to the 40-60% that we are used to). Dehydration is the cause of may irritants that we don’t necessarily relate it to including dizziness, anxiousness, headaches and fatigue. 

Not just that, but also the fact that in every country we encounter different and new bacteria and agents that will take advantaged of the weakened state of your body to feed itself off of it. 

But, there is good news! Every country also has natural ingredients that will benefit our health and if we know about them this will change the way we travel, and a factor of discovery and enrich our bodies and minds.

Exploring new flavors, avoiding the most common digestive problems, and no longer missing those things we have left behind in our own country. 

Our palates can also feel what it is like to travel! 

1. Papaya

2. Mango

3. Guanabana


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