Meet Silvia

She is a young woman from Madrid who loves traveling more than anything in the world. She pursued a degree in art history as she was always interested in learning about different societies and cultures. Since university, she has continued her passion and has studied different countries around the world.

Silvia has always had an open and kind personality, and it is always read to learn and experience more. Since she began traveling at 16 years old, she has been able to get to know more than 90 countries around the world!

She is not a typical traveler you usually see on luxurious trips, but rather, she has usually travelled with very little money but is always flexible and resourceful.

She loves to immerse herself in other cultures and above all else, spending time with the people of those different cultures and connecting with them to better understand their thoughts and beliefs and discover the beauty of people within. She also likes to try new things and see the world from different perspectives, from under the water scuba diving, from the mountains by learning to hike and rock climb, or trying extreme sports such as bungee jumping. She always has a plan to learn more about that world, there is no limit!

Also, she shares her love of travel as a tour guide around the world. She takes people on adventures to explore the culture and people of different places, including her own country Spain, where she ensures an experience of discovery and companionship with a friend. (To learn more about her personalized tours, check out the page for A Friend In The City).

In this blog Silvia shares her experiences and exploration of different places, and the people and cultures of those places. At the same time, she wants this blog to serve as an opportunity to open our minds about the world and a safe and open platform for discussions about that world and life.

Her dear friend, Antonia