Sitting quietly is a difficult exercise for children, so situations that were easy for adults without children, such as taking transportation or waiting in a restaurant, become a challenge when we have children with us.

But how can you stop your child from becoming unbearable because he is bored without putting a screen in front of him?

That is precisely why I have developed the Playing Toysless, with it we learn more than 30 activities to kill time and use those waits to our advantage: to create bonds and enhance intelligence.

Thanks to all these ideas I did not buy a single toy, my spending was zero for 3 years, and at 3 I began to very cautiously buy toys, these are the ones I detail below, ten toys that seem enormously simple and yet are different of all those that accumulate in children's rooms, in that they are light in weight, economical, versatile and take up very little space.

If you are going to take a long flight, a bus, a train, or have met for dinner at a restaurant and your children are with you, it will undoubtedly help you to put some of these things in your bag.

And if you want to add an idea to the list please do so in the comments!

All ten of these toys fit in one fanny pack, and that's the one we take on trips to play with for months in all kinds of situations, nothing more, nothing less. A simple fanny pack.

Buy them all here.

1. Cards

There are a thousand types, colors, depending on the age of the children, the card games are infinite and when they are babies any deck of cards is enough to play them for hours. Buy it here.
2. Flash Cards

I was encouraged to create my own cards with numbers and letters, but you can also buy them.

3. Puzzles

Like cards, there are a thousand types and sizes depending on age and level of development, simply take it out of the box and put it in a bag so it takes up less space and voila.

4. Scrabble

If you already have one but it is not a travel edition, just choose the lyrics bag and travel without a board or box. If you don't have it yet, you can buy it here.

5. Mikado

I know, some like these are timeless classics, so I don't know why kids today don't have them! Buy the mikado here.

6. Domino

The mini edition is great. Find it here.

7. Matryoshka

Ideal between zero and 4 years. Here I leave you some super fun models.

8. Watercolors

Of all the painting utensils, they are my favorites because they are easy to wash, especially since I found the anti-accident brush that I talk about in the course, the markers inevitably stain the furniture, the pencils are always blunt, the crayons break ...but watercolors are used on paper, to paint tattoos on our bodies and allow us to mix colors, without a doubt the best artistic resource.

9. Inflatable balls

When children start to walk and run, they start to love balls and the most travel-friendly is the inflatable one.

10. Mirrors

I never thought of a mirror as a toy until I had a daughter, especially between the ages of zero and 3, children can spend hours looking at themselves in the mirror, and the ideal time to take it out is the restaurant where they take the opportunity to self-examine their ways of acting. eat.