My name is @silviaromeroexplorer but my friends know me as Silviana Jones.

It’s been 18 years since I went on a trip alone for the first time, it was really an accident because a friend left me lying, however if I found her I would give her a hug because with that experience she gave me a gift that changed my life.

I have always had a tireless curiosity to learn about other cultures and ways of thinking, and this leads me to constantly move geographically. Already reaching 100 countries.


I have traveled with very little money and sometimes with a lot, but always flexible and skillful, in contact with the most humble locals, to connect and learn about the beauty of people and their ideas.

I love trying new things to see the world through other perspectives, from underwater diving, through the mountains learning climbing and mountaineering, or trying extreme sports like bungee jumping.

After about 12 years working and traveling the world with the backpack in equal parts, I decided to put it all together: my love of traveling and studying. Helping people to better understand and expand their mental limits through adventures in different places such as Cuba, Namibia, Botswana, Iran, Indonesia, Tanzania, etc, I do it as a Tour Manager organizing personalized vacations or as a travel guide, to sometimes also through literature in my travel articles.

In my country, Spain, I founded a company whose dream is to transform tourism, where we assure you an experience of discovery and accompaniment with a friend. (To learn more about personalized tours, see the A Friend In The City page ).

As I did not find anyone who did not want to convince me to settle down, I decided to be a single mother with a donor and now I travel the world with my daughter Estrella, who in one year has visited 16 countries.

We have crossed Mongolia and Lapland at least 30, and we have lived with tribes from Africa, neither my baby nor I believe in limits.

We are currently looking for magazines and channels like this through which to share our experience. Perhaps in this way to instill value in others.